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Advantages Noise reduction
noise reduction

shotnet - a quiet solution

Shotnet reduces gun noise significantly within a typical frequency ranges Due to the layers within the shotnet system, the sound is dampened and redirected to the many edges of the fabric . Furthermore, the large "membrane" converts the sound into kinetic energy. Related effects are known in architecture where the ceiling is lowered by  microperforated blankets (one layer or more) which are used in office buildungs under ceilings to reduce the noise. Container walls, wooden walls and ramparts only serve as a noise barrier when positioned at short distances from the direction of the shot. Although acting as a noise barrier for a short distance, the sound is amplified in the other direction and brought into focus, thus amplifying the noise. Many of such installations had to be completed with expensive or extra Sound Insulation, and is worn out by the pellets.

  • Shotnet reduces shooting noise in all directions
  • in shooting direction frequencies above 1 kHz are significantly reduced
  • in the opposite direction frequencies above 1 kHz, almost as significantly reduced