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The system Function

Pellets penetrate the front net and are slowed down by the mid nets. The pellets are stopped by the rear net and are concentrated into collection pans. The soil stays clean and the environment protected.

With shotnet you hit the mark!

  • Shotnet provides excellent contrast and a uniform background for the best shooting conditions and results.
  • Clay pigeons can fly the distances according to the rules
  • Permitted for all pellet types - including lead - by German authorities
  • Extensive testing over years on shooting-ranges (DEVA-checked [report 54 kB PDF], DEVA: independent institute)
  • Shotnet has outstanding durability and wear resistance. Testing shows only minimal deformation after 1000 shots at the same point (view image).
  • Shotnet resists damage from clay pigeon strikes
  • Reduces the Range area by up to 80 % by net placement options
  • Highly resistant UV netting materials
  • Simple addition to already existing ranges

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